Flying Barstools – how much fun!!!

Can`t drag yourself of the pub to play sport?


Welcome to the Flying Barstool! This little beauty goes 30mph and comes with Spun Aluminum Azzurro Racing Wheels, Butterfly Hand Controls and a disk brake to stop on a penny. The only downside is that you may spill your pint on the cornering! It retails for £1,000, thats approximately 333 pints of beer!

In a flash:

• Wheel spinning, corner screeching fun!
• 4 hours of Fun on One Gallon of petrol
• Top Speed at 25-30 MPH
• Hand built of top quality material and parts!

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• Newly designed and patented lower profile barstool.
• 4.5 HP Robin Subaru Engine
• Spun Aluminum Azzurro Racing Wheels
• Inflatable Tubeless Slick Racing Tires
• Powder Coated Barstool and .14 ga. Steel Chassis (Red, Yellow, Orange, Black)
• Butterfly Hand Controls
• Racing Steering Wheel
• Billet adjustable height Steering Hub
• Adjustable Steering Alignment (Camber and Toe)
• Disc Brake
• 1″ Rear Billet Axle Hubs
• Serial Number Tag for Authenticity
• 4 hours of Fun on One Gallon of petrol
• Top Speed at 25-30 MPH
• Manufacturers warranty
• Spare/Custom parts available
• Options available include: Custom colors, rear light, front light, foot pegs, pin stripping, tag along trailer, custom seat, off road tire package. Email customer services for details.

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