Moti Mahal Indian Restaurant Review

If like me you suffer from curry prejudice as a result of too many student take aways then I have the perfect tonic for you: Moti Mahal and their ‘Grand Trunk Road’ gastronomic adventure.

This is the real deal when it comes to Indian cuisine, all the dishes are made using the freshest of ingredients seasoned in a harmonious blend of eastern herbs and spices. The venue enjoys a loyal fan base who love it`s central location and contemporary interior as well as the extensive menu that’s jam packed with some mouth watering delicacies.


Rather cleverly their meals are themed around an epic journey the Moti chef under-took in his homeland, he’s titles it the ‘Grand Trunk Road ‘, a culinary trip celebrating regional dishes and traditional cooking, something to transport diners above and beyond a vegetable balti.

I never anticipated dining out on spicy crab cakes wrapped in palm leaves ( a popular choice) nor did I predict I`d be tucking into the tenderest of blackened cod washed down by my zingy ginger mohito.


Food appeared dressed like a work of art on enormous white plates with incredible attention to detail ( mini mortor and pestle anyone?) and the staff literally fall over themselves to make sure you’re enjoying a first class dining experience.

Of course for those who prefer a more traditional affair there are the usual favourites, my partner dined on tandoori chicken and ordered a mountain of poppadoms. When it arrived piping hot and skewered inside an iron urn accompanied by a miniature saucepan of lentils I wondered if his eyes were watering from joy or the steam itself.

Clearly a ‘good Indian’ is an emotional experience for some! Either way it was a wonderful evening and undid all that university damage. You can book in to try the ‘The Grand Trunk Road’ or it’s tasting menu on

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