Not Just A Coffee Table!

Now this might well be aimed at one for the boys, but this coffee table is just too good!

Loosely based on the 70’s style table top arcade games, this contemporary arcade coffee table has it all.

The table discreetly houses a shuttle pc, an elegantly concealed screen and a revolutionary new control panel. You can watch films, play music, view photos, surf the web or play one of the 100 classic arcade games.

Everything that is installed (The manufacturers, Surface Tension, offer a bespoke service) is ready to go. You only need to plug it in and you are ready for the best coffee table in the world! (My opinion, but I am sure I am not alone)

The tables come with the following:

•2 sets of controls
•2 x 6-button player interface
•1up and 2up start buttons
•Happ© trackball illuminated translucent blue
•Sanwa joysticks
•Intuitive game selection interface
•Pause and volume controls
•Compatible with MAME&#trade;

Each table comes pre-installed with the amazing Taito Legends, Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe and Atari Anniversary Edition.

Surprisingly, when you consider the quality finish and sheer usefulness (not to mention fun) of this table, it can be yours from just £2799.

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