Marking the 40th anniversary since Concorde’s first transatlantic flight, Sebastian Conran’s ICON sculpture will be displayed at the Goodwood Festival of Speed Aviation Exhibition as an art sculpture celebrating British engineering. Goodwood Festival of Speed has a long history of spectacular art installations with this year`s central feature sculpture by Gerry Judah for Mercedes. The ICON sculpture, by internationally renowned creative Sebastian Conran, will be housed at the entrance to the Aviation Exhibition.


Launched last year at Royal Ascot, and consequently appearing at the Royal Albert Hall as part of the TEDx Albertopolis event, ICON will be prominently positioned at the entrance of the Aviation Exhibition for all visitors to see. This year`s Goodwood Festival of Speed Aviation Exhibition, presented by Midair in association with Textron and Air BP, will feature the UK Debut of the brand new Bell Helicopter 505 Jet Ranger X among several key highlights from the world of flight.

This outstanding sculpture is hewn from five tons of stainless steel and a Concorde nose that played a pivotal role in the certification of Concorde as a supersonic passenger airliner. Aptly named ICON, the sculpture has taken years of work and persistence, culminating in a piece that celebrates the beauty of technology and man`s conquering of supersonic flight. A celebration of British engineering, Concorde captured the hearts and imaginations of the British public and has now been transformed into a considered work of art for all to admire.

Sebastian Conran said `This sculpture has represented years of hard work from everyone involved in bringing it to life. It was so warmly received at Royal Ascot and the Royal Albert Hall, we look forward to its prominent position during Goodwood at what will be a fantastic event. It is a great feeling to know thousands of people will soon get to experience and admire this important piece of engineering history.`

The creation and development of Concorde was an important piece of Sebastian`s childhood and teenage years; encouraging his love for aircraft and engineering. This enthusiasm culminated with leading the design team who had been commissioned by British Airways to design the last interiors of the Concorde fleet.


After many years of work, involving a team of highly skilled craftsmen, an aerospace engineer, Sebastian`s own trusted design team and almost two months of hand polishing, the result is a sculpture boasting dramatic shapes and forms to be admired from every angle. It is a dynamic piece, graceful but with the raw energy and power associated with the residual memories of Concorde`s supersonic flight.

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