Evitavonni`s garden entertainment BeHive

Summer is a time for garden entertaining and what better way to do so than in an Evitavonni BeHive. Seating 12 – 20 guests the BeHive provides the perfect garden intimacy for you and your guests.


Superbly supported, the seating base fabric adapts to the shape of your body and is strong enough to be walked across to any of the four exits.

Shown here with the Corral table inserted into the cut out centre, users can sit straight when dining with their feet on the ground. Alternatively you can lie or sit up against the cushions around the edges. A sense of playfulness and versatility is at the heart of this range as it can radiate different colours using special filters. The Corral table can be bought on its own as a separate table or hung upside down as a light.

The BeHive comprises several parts and has lots of extra options including sun roofs, stairs and curtains. Retail price starts at £11,985 ($23,500).

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