Luxury designer jewellery proves to be a sound investment

`It`s not about the number of rubies or how much it`s going to fetch but about creating an heirloom piece that you can hand down over generations.`

That`s the view of internationally acclaimed jewellery designer Bina Goenka. Bina is the founder and owner of the Bina Goenka brand, luxury designer jewellery that actually means something.

Each handcrafted piece of jewellery is bespoke and is hallmarked with Bina`s authentic and unique vision and style. With over 15 years or experience in jewellery design and manufacturing, Bina has taken her brand to new heights and boasts an impressive international clientele of distinguished VIPs and celebrities in the UK, Middle East , Russia and USA.


Bina has observed that 90% of her customers are turning to precious statement pieces of jewellery as a passion investment option.

You can forget gold being a good investment, the way forward now is handcrafted individualistic luxury designer jewellery.

Giving her insights on this growing trend, Bina says: `Today when people invest in a passion purchase they look to own something that adds flamboyance to their lifestyle, alongside satisfying their need for a long-term asset. Luxury jewellery tantalises investors as it can make them feel like they own modern art whilst ensuring that they receive a safe return on their investment.

Luxury designer jewellery that is a solid investment – what`s not to like?

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