Sleek Home Hygiene With The EKO Aroma Smart Stainless Steel

It’s not everyday you see a liquid soap dispenser defined as “high-end” or “luxurious” but the EKO Aroma Smart Stainless Steel sense soap dispenser is the cutting edge in stylish and convenient home hygiene technology. In a world where everyone’s attention to cleanliness and hygiene has been heightened by a tumultuous pandemic, this bit of home smart-tech has never been so relevant.

EKO have created a super sleek, modern and contemporary device, complete with a sophisticated set of gadget tricks to give you the most from your purchase. Available in classic stainless steel or powder coated white stainless steel, you’d find a home for this in any trendy kitchen.

Starting at £59.99, the device isn’t cheap but it is packed with enough capabilities to warrant the price-tag. Firstly, it’s fully rechargeable (via a supplied USB), meaning that no batteries are required for this dynamic little performer. We’ve found that after weeks of use the charge is still strong, even with daily dispensing on regular intervals. In fact, the spec promises a whopping 2-3 months of use, with 20 dispenses a day, from a single charge!

To activate the unit, simply glide a hand under the device to trigger dispensing. Dispensing itself is fast (an impressive 0.2 seconds), accurate and super reliable. But that’s not all, you can customise the amount of liquid soap released. To do so, simply:

Press the Power button to adjust amount of soap desired. Continue pressing up to 3 times to increase dispensing amount with each press.
Level 1: Blue light flashes once, dispenser pumps 0.8ml liquid
Level 2: Blue light flashes twice, dispenser pumps 1.4ml liquid
Level 3: Blue light flashes three times, dispenser pumps 2ml liquid

Amazing attention to detail and a nice touch if you plan on having little ones use the device, allowing you to tailor smaller soap dispensing for them. If you think soap has been depleted, simply pop the unit in maintenance mode, turn the device to check the transparent window and then refill the generous 250ml reservoir. Super easy and highly convenient, we wouldn’t change a thing. Small changes like a non-skid base and a 1 year guarantee make this just the Eko Aroma Smart liquid soap dispenser just that little bit more appealing!

We’d highly recommend this product, grab yours today at EKO Home.

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