Christmas bracelets With Carolina Bucci

You would think after 125 years family experience, Carolina Bucci would have perfected the art of producing fine Jewelry.

Clearly, She has.

With Christmas looming, here is some exceptional jewelry designs that meet all budgets.


The Carolina Bucci Couture Red bracelet, £6,950 , is everything you need jewelry to be, Unique and beautiful. Made using 18K rose gold, this is a standout piece.


Just as stunning is the new black gold and black silk `Woven` with a matte gold finish clasp is £3,075.


If you are a little choosy (and why not?) There are the `Bespoke Lucky`s` . This is a service where customers can choose the thickness, colour, length of their bracelets and even add an initial charm or a diamond.


Or, how about doubling up on your gift power with (RED) charity bracelets – in black or red gold plated silver and only £150 and 50% of the profit goes to fight AIDS in Africa.

The (RED) Lucky bracelets are available in 3 different colour combinations: Red silk with gold-plated red silver / Red silk with gold-plated black silver / White silk with gold-plated red silver

You should really make a visit to the store in London, with just about the best designer jewelry collection around. It is a stunning place to find yourself! Alternatively, the bracelets are available online at

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