Luxury S4 Hydrospace Jetski

Luxury Jetski’s are usually the sole domain of the prominent Japanese manufacturers. However, there may now be a European made challenger – the Hydrospace S4. This Jetski incorporates easy handling and a smoother ride than rivals, all for a snip at £7,995 ($12,800).


Hydrospace say:

“The racy sound of its 4-stroke two-cylinder engine gives it the superiority that others have long been looking for.
With its power of 81 KW (110 HP) the S4 has a strong torque and fulfils all environmental criteria at the same time
Its load capacity and power reserves are outstanding.
The motor is carefully being fit together by hand in our factory.
When first put to the test it has to prove its stability. If it doesn`t stand the test, it won`t be installed. Because then it wouldn`t come up to our expectations.
That`s the basic requirement of our work coupled with a well-balanced, harmonious design.”

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