London`s Best Cocktail From Rémy Martin And Claridges

You wouldn`t get Tom cruise mixing up one of these. The `Fleur de Lis` is London`s best cocktail, make no mistake.

Exclusively available at Claridges bar in Mayfair, the Fleur de Lis mixes Rémy Martin XO Excellence with dissolved sugar and a twist of citrus rind.


Each cocktail is served in a chilled Martini glass and, this is the special bit, topped with a spray of century old Louis XIII cognac.

The superb Louis XIII is usually available for £250 per glass at selected bars including Claridges. Inspired Claridges Bar Manager, Denis Broci created the Fleur de Lis.

Using a specifically developed atomizer, the Louis XIII is delicately spread over the cocktail before being served. This gives the cocktail that superior touch and alluring aroma that insinuates the finer pleasures of life


Combining Rémy Martin XO Excellence and Louis XIII in this way seems the proper way of `doing` a cocktail. Denis Broci is to cocktails what Tom Cruise is to short people – an inspiration.

The Fleur de Lis is available for £30.00 and London`s best cocktail will be served at the Claridges Bar until the end of the year.

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