JW Steakhouse, Park Lane, London Review: The BEST steak in London.

Well what can I say? An American steakhouse coupled with a magnificent position on Park Lane is a paradise haven for die-hard meat lovers. It’s official, JW Steakhouse is NOW OPEN for business offering the best steak in town-I couldn`t wait to try it!

We chose to dine al fresco on the terrace, the sun was still glaring and the ambience was relaxed. Inside the restaurant there was a spacious feel and you couldn`t help missing the Bourbon bar or the extensive blackboard along the back wall. The Bourbon bar serves the usual classic cocktails and if you`re up for it there`s an opportunity to sample a small batch of bourbons from their boutique menu.


We ordered a bourbon cocktail each and they arrived with some popcorn nibbles. It had a rather interesting smoked beefy taste, which made it a quirky and fun accompaniment. We took our time sipping our drinks while we drooled over the dinner menu and finally chose what we were going to eat. The jumbo prawns and oysters were absolutely the finest choices to have for a starter. Served on a platter of ice, these gorgeously fresh prawns were utterly amazing and I relished every moment, taking my time and enjoying each mouthful. They were so delicious and huge in size and I can categorically say it was one of the best dishes I have ever had- simplicity was definitely the key, leaving the prawns to speak for themselves.

Next up, our main courses arrived, my 14oz Aberdeen Angus rib eye steak looked incredible (substantial to say the least!) and my guest`s 12oz fillet steak looked like a doorstop in comparison. Both steaks wafted underneath our noses and smelt so delicious that we couldn`t wait to tuck in. On top of that we ordered a side of fries, onion rings with spicy ketchup and some sautéed wild mushrooms. I must admit the fries were a little crunchy for my liking but the onion rings were beautifully light, full of flavour. The sautéed wild mushrooms had a hint of garlic, which really complemented the taste- these sides were absolutely lovely. It was a struggle but we did pretty well with nearly finishing everything on our plates but the portions were colossal and even our bellies couldn`t stomach them. Seriously, if you`re one for small portions then this steakhouse really isn`t for you.

Thinking we would leave the restaurant on a more than full stomach we were talked into sampling Beattie`s famous bread pudding with Bourbon hard sauce- WOW, it was incredible and we were just sorry we couldn`t finish it all. However, we were told the cheesecake was even bigger in size!

JW Steakhouse is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make your reservation call, 020 7399 8460 or to simply drool over the menu online, visit http://www.jwsteakhouse.co.uk

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