The most exclusive personal training service in the world

Dax Moy, Master Personal Trainer, fitness expert and life coach, is the UK`s most sought-after and exclusive Personal Trainer and is responsible for shaping the bodies of the world`s wealthiest and A-listers.

The most luxurious and exclusive personal training service in the world comes from Master Personal Trainer, fitness expert and life coach Dax Moy and is guaranteed to transform your entire body with its 21-day intensive training programme.

Located at a far-reaching world-wide and completely luxurious venue of your choice, the one-to-one package is designed to give you the motivation needed to change your life. There is a waiting list to be trained by Dax and with over 16 years at the top of his field his unique approach to health and fitness sees his courses cost up to £47,797 (for 3 weeks one on one training abroad).


The array of top quality services includes a personal chef, therapy treatments, fitness coaching, a personal dietary plan, and life coaching.

The programmes are designed to transform a person`s whole outlook on life alongside losing weight and services provided include emotional support as well as physical training.

Clients signing up to Personal Trainer Elite also have the option of being assigned a Personal Trainer Elite Coach, with Dax himself also being present for some of their trip. A 21 day Diamond programme with one of Dax`s Personal Trainer Elite Coaches will cost £29,997 with the Platinum14 day programme costing £18,997, and the 7-day programme is available from £9,997.

Dax says of the experience `Personal Trainer Elite is an extremely high end package for our most affluent clientele, and should not be confused with a group exercise camp that takes place somewhere sunny. This is a very high quality, exclusive one-to-one tailored programme that you will not find anywhere else. One size certainly does not fit all. At prices like these, the programme has to be life-changing, and it is. We have 100% confidence in the knowledge, skills and abilities of our hand-picked team of coaches, and a no-nonsense approach. The standards of treatment you`ll receive from your therapists, food you`ll be served by your chef, and tuition you`ll get from your coaches, will speak for itself.`

Clients wishing to sign up to Personal Trainer Elite will have to apply via the website.

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