Introducing the world’s first see-through toaster – the luxury Magimix Vision

Sleek and modern in design it features long life quartz elements which give constant heat for consistent browning and has clear, easy to clean glass windows which I think is a rather good idea. A few other handy things to know about the Vision Toaster is that it has an extra wide slot with automatic self centering, an extra lift lever to allow smaller pieces of bread to be removed safely and accurate timing control. If you`re into cooking at all you`ll be pleased to know that this toaster can also be used for warming or browning baked goods. I`m not really into all that though so I think I`ll just stick to toasting bread!



I would recommend finding other kitchen appliances to match though as the Vision Toaster would stick out like a sore thumb when put next to your other `regular` looking appliances. A definite step in the right direction I think but priced at £160 you`ll probably find yourself asking – is perfect toast really worth that much money?

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