Spoke luxury chinos and shorts review

I first discovered Spoke on Facebook. They stood out because of their unique products and the fine things people were saying about them. Now, if you’re a Spoke newbie, then all you need to know is that these guys know how to do luxury chinos, very well.

They are a web-based company who are hell-bent on improving the range of quality chinos and shorts on the market today, and they seem to be doing it too!

Their service and product lines are unique and a dream way to shop if you’re anything like me and fed up with buying the same old coloured chinos in the same old styles. Spoke offer you a range of sexy colours, from Reef (a vibrant orange) to red, Sky Blue and Ochre (all on my favourite’s list) to name but a few. But what is really unique about this service is the styles available – you have a choice of 3 styles to suit; A – for the slimmer leg through to C for the wider leg. If you’re unsure, they have a clever web app that can help you decide!

Aside from quality chinos in almost every size available, Spoke also does a range of shorts in the same colours. I was lucky enough to recently be sent a pair of Reef shorts, which are not only comfy, but super stylish.

A pair or Spoke chinos will typically cost you around £80 and shorts around £60.

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