Luxury Beds For Kids

Luxury bed maker, Vi-Spring has created a range of luxury hand crafted beds for children.

The single beds are suitable for children aged 5 onwards and tailor-made using the finest natural materials.


Vi-spring say:

“Vi-Spring’s deluxe divan beds provide comfort and support at this pivotal stage of a child’s life.
Vi-Spring promises children the same uncompromising approach as their parents have come to expect. Each and every bed is made individually to order, by hand and uses 100 percent natural materials of the finest quality for the mattress fillings. Synthetic materials simply do not breathe as cotton, lambswool and calico do. Some synthetic beds can disturb a child’s sleep by making them uncomfortably hot, whereas natural materials keep them cool in July and cosily snug in January. The only material in a Vi-Spring mattress not made by Mother Nature is the steel springs themselves.”

Vi-Spring offer a range of over 60 different mattress types and divan fabrics to suit every child’s room. Therefore, every Vi-Spring bed is, in essence, an original, designed and built to provide a good nights’s sleep.

Retail prices start at £1,200 ($2,500 approx).

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