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Gtech AirRam Mk2 and Gtech Multi Tool Reviewed

If you have watched television over the last few months there is a very high chance that you will have seen the Gtech AirRam advertising. The advertising promises an innovative, cordless vacuum cleaning with convenience, practicality and easy use. But does it live up to all of these promises?

Impressive Innovation

On first glance, it is easy to see why this device has picked up multiple awards and accolades. It is unbelievably lightweight at just 3.5kg, therefore making it highly portable for all users. This is quite impressive when you consider the device is cordless and therefore carries all of the power it needs onboard. The weight you save in this device compared to others seems to have been made possible by the AirRam’s AirLOC system.

The AirRam utilises rotating brushes to push dirt into the system, where it is then essentially sucks this into the collection tray. The AirLOC technology ensures that the AirRam Mk2 picks up larger pieces of dirt on all surfaces. From our testing the device picks up the larger elements with a forward stroke and then the backward stroke takes away finer dirt and dust. For a device which is so slim and also notably quite quiet, the collection of dirt is effortless and the results are very impressive.

According to Gtech, “in international cleaning tests, the new AirRam Mk2 outperforms the UK’s best-selling, cordless vacuums across all surfaces; carpet, hard floor and crevices.” Our testing supported this claim and we can see why it is one of the UK’s best-selling vacuum devices.

A Range Of Onboard Features

Aside from the innovative method of collecting dirt and dust, the Gtech AirRam has a host of other features to get you excited.

One of the biggest pains with a vacuum cleaner is emptying it – it usually ends up with a lot of mess and fuss. Gtech’s dirt collection system is however a lot smarter. The AirRam collects the dirt, then it compresses up to 2.4 litres into a 0.8 litre capacity unit. Once full, all you have to do is eject the bale into a bin – no mess and no fuss. Similarly, the filter is easily removed for a quick clean and the brush bar is also detachable to help you clean away those pesky hairs.

We have also mentioned the Gtech’s cordless power, meaning you are free to clean anywhere in the house without plugging into a socket. Thanks to a professional grade 22V lithium-ion battery, you can look to achieve up to 40 minutes of cleaning with a 4-hour charge time. For us, the ability to use the device without wires is wonderful; however, we do wish that the charge time was a little shorter. A 4-stage LED display indicates how much charge is left in the battery and is rechargeable whilst in situ, or when removed from the head of the vacuum cleaner.

Other smart additions include a telescopic hand for easy storage and a foot operated on/off switch. There is even a set of full length LED searchlight at the front of the unit to help you see dirt in even the darkest corners.

On the whole, the Gtech AirRam is a very strong performer, especially for the size and weight. Cordless cleaning is the future and it is great to see Gtech very much leading the way here. One element that does let the device down slightly is the inability to really get seep into the corners of rooms and along skirting boards. The device misses a few elements and sometimes it can take quite a few goes to capture the dirt. However, that is where another device in the Gtech range comes in, the Gtech Multi.

The Gtech Multi Mk2 is the perfect companion to the Gtech AirRam Mk2

The Gtech Multi is a handheld, Lithium-ion powered hand vacuum with an arsenal of accessories. It provides all of the functionality not available with the AirRam, thereby making this a match made in heaven.

Ideal to reach those places the AirRam Mk2 cannot and also perfect for a range of additional cleaning situations. The Multi offers convenient attachments, such as a crevice tool, dusting brush and flexible hose. Plus, and this is our favourite of the bunch, is a motorised head with brush bar. This essentially turns the device into a mini version of the AirRam. For example, we find the powered head with rotating brush to work excellently on stairs and also on the sofa to remove pet hair. The device is powerful too, taking up dirt with ease and leaving very little behind. Again, we are really impressed with Gtech’s ability to provide power in combination with great design.

The lithium ion battery provides 20 minutes of power, checkable via easy to read LED lighting. This is more than enough to quickly run over the stairs or even your car.

As with the AirRam, cordless technology allows you to reach all areas of the home. The Multi also even has LED searchlights like the AirRam Mk2 and the easy to empty dirt collector.

Buy the AirRam exclusively from priced £199, or £299 when combined with the new Gtech Multi Mk2. Gtech offers a two year guarantee to fix or replace the Gtech AirRam Mk 2 if anything breaks as a result of faulty manufacturing. If you aren’t happy with your AirRam Mk2, Gtech will either exchange it or give you a full refund within the first 30 days.

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