Netgear Orbi Wi-Fi System Reviewed

Have you ever lost Wi-Fi signal in your own home? There can be a range of reasons which cause drop outs and slow speeds, such as thick walls, troublesome supporting walls, or even just large distances between yourself and the router.  If these are all issues for you, then the Orbi offers a high-end (and relatively high-priced) solution to connection woes. But, does it work and is it worth the £299.99 price tag? In short, it most certainly does… here is our experience. 

Easy installation and set-up (unless you are a Sky customer!)

Set up of the Netgear Orbi is a piece of cake! Orbi works with your Internet service provider right out of the box without needing to change your current equipment. In only a few steps and with the download of the Netgear app, the installation takes minutes.

One provider the units do not sync quickly with are Sky, as Sky has chosen to keep network access information hidden from users and therefore it makes integration with this system a little more time consuming to deduce!

We would also add that the Orbi system units are pretty large, so be prepared to give up some space to accommodate them, they aren’t small! Another very slight gripe is that the power adapters jut out a long way from the wall, therefore making it hard to find a discreet place to find them. However, as the system actually works so well, these are only small issues and ones of personal preference.

How does the system work? 

The premise of the Orbi system is actually quite a simple one, it uses mesh technology to combine the Wi-Fi signals from two units to create a larger network. Using the main unit as a router, you then can connect a satellite unit. The result is a network which Netgear claim can stretch 5,000 feet, thereby allowing you to move around your home with no drop out issues. This gives the router and satellite enough power to transmit through those thicker walls and troublesome blackspots

Here is how the mesh system works!

However, the key to this mesh system (as it’s not a new technology) is the Tri-Band system Orbi is built upon. The extra bands means that you can connect more devices they are not competing for speed and bandwidth on the network. This extra band and the use of Netgear high power amplifiers, gives the whole system an unbeatably high speed throughout the home. It really is amazing! No more slow speeds when other members of the family are streaming Netflix! With speeds of up to 100mbs, the Orbi system also allows you to take full advantage of your ISPs top speeds. 

Other neat features

The Orbi system offers seamless integration with Amazon Echo/ Alexa systems, therefore making it easier than ever before.

Plus, there are also 4 ethernet connections, just to ensure those who want a super-super fast wired connection are catered for.

 And the question everyone wants the answer to, does it work?!

The simple answer is YES! It works brilliantly. Home internet speeds have never been so consistent and speedy. Thanks to the Tri-Band and mesh technology, you can recapture the full potential of your Wi-Fi network.

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