The best food processor on the planet

The Philips Robust Food Processor really is a spectacular product. Previous food processors that I have owned and tested always seem to be a little bit on the flimsy side – plus they have been fiendishly complicated to operate……


The Philips, like it’s name is very “Robust”. It feels solid and well built, whilst not weighing more than a sumo wrestler! Combine this with the functionality and you have quite possibly the best food processor on the planet.

Phillips say that:

“The Robust range of cooking appliances are strong enough to withstand the toughest kitchen challenges. The Robust Collection is a series of durable tools that make home cooking a pleasure every day. Stylish and sleek, the first range of premium cooking appliances from Philips has all the kitchen essentials cooks need to effortlessly conjure up culinary delights – a Handblender, Juicer, Blender, Mixer and Food Processor. Designed with a focus on quality craftsmanship and created using innovative materials and technology, each product in the collection is extremely tough and built to last.”

There’s quite a lot to say about this product so I’m going to try and encapsulate it in a few key points. Here goes:

1. The whole Robust range uses ultra durable materials including high strength metals used in Mercedes and BMW car engines of all things!


2. The Food Processor and all the other Robust products are scratch proof, corrosion resistant and heat protected.

3. 5 year warranty on the Food Processor.

4. The Food Processor is built with a bowl that has larger volume than any other processor on the market.

5. The Food Processor can handle the toughest ingredients – and be cleaned with minimum fuss afterwards. It was dead easy to clean – this was very high on my criteria wish list for a Food Processor…….

6. Tools to knead, whip and chop. The Food Processor can handle up to 2 kg of heavy dough. We whipped up some pizza dough with ease.

7. Five speed settings can cope with whatever type or volume of ingredients you wish to blend, from raw vegetables to ice cubes.

8. Ideal for making Christmas Pudding and Christmas Cake. We reckoned it shaved about an hour off our usual preparation time, but maybe it just seemed that way after we tested a little more brandy than we should have.

Anyway, the Philips Robust Food Processor easily ranks as one of the finest foodie gadgets we’ve ever used. Available, from House of Fraser, John Lewis and Fenwicks for a very reasonable £350 ($560).

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