HUGO Man Exclusive Limited Edition

With only 1000 numbered bottles of HUGO Man Exclusive Limited Edition available (70 in the UK) this has to be one of the most exclusive scents available at the moment. World-renowned designer, Karim Rashid has been introduced to the mix to create an Exclusive Limited Edition bottle and packaging, which is inspired by the robust army water flask with its silver screw top and green canvas stra. The bottle and packaging are adorned with unique digital data-fluid graphic effects signifying a rocky terrain and a flowing topography. The bottle is encased in an avant garde spherical package which is made of injected ABS plastic. All editions are handcrafted and put together by hand.

The fragrance itself is likened to aquatic notes of the ocean combined with the fresh aroma of pine trees.

From 4th November less than 100 retail outlets worldwide will stock the product at a price of £95 for 150ml.


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