Every morning should start with a Latticia® OT (One Touch)

Welcome to the brand new Melitta Latticia® OT (One Touch), the latest in a range of premium bean to cup machines. If you like making your coffee fresh without the requirement to have a nuclear physics degree, then this is the one for you. Simple, stylish and super silent, the Latticia® OT has without doubt, got plenty going for it.

Melitta machines typically start around £350 and go all the way up to £1,000, so I guess this sits within their mid-range at £569 (RRP). There’s just enough tech without being overly so, even the most technophobic coffee enthusiast could get on with it.

With its stylish black and silver body, this is a really well priced machine that gives you the following features:

5 grinding finesse settings

3 strength settings – if you like your coffee strong or weak, you can set the strength really easily

5 drink settings – Café Crème, Cappuccino and Latte Macchiato, Hot Milk, Hot Water

Included – milk steaming tube, which you place into a milk jug/glass/container

Drink volume adjustment – and the ability to create 2x drinks at once

Removable XL water tank (1.5L water tank)

Ultra low noise grinding

And there’s more… thanks to its double foaming function, the new technology (otherwise known as the LATTEperfection System) enables higher temperatures to get that milk well and truly foamed – complete with a fine-pored froth!  This is a fantastic new feature that you’ll use often!

Cleaning is super simple, with the new Quick & Clean milk circuit cleaning system providing hygienic cleanliness in two simple steps. Once used, simply immerse the milk hose in a vessel filled with clear tap water and start the cleaning program. Furthermore, the milk unit is easy to disassemble and clean, which we’d recommend doing regularly.

Like Malitta’s other machines, the Latticia® OT automatically shows a message on the display when it needs cleaning or descaling. The service button provides simple access to the cleaning and descaling program, to the brewing temperature and water hardness settings and to the Auto-OFF function. If necessary, the complete brewing unit is easy to remove. You can then access the interior of the machine and clean it without any problems.

To sum up, this is a fantastic machine that would look right at home in any kitchen. It’s plasticky in places, but the quality styling carries detracts from this. Available from Melitta.co.uk.

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