The New Must-Have Luxury Home Accessory

We have reviewed a fair share of global luxury properties, and whilst they have all been spectacular, our next luxury home really does step up a gear.


On the market for $90 million, This Manhattan property doesn`t look that impressive from the exterior, but it`s inside that really made us sit up.

With an art gallery, spa lounge, 1000 bottle wine cellar and an elevator, this starts to shape up as a real high end property.


But that isn`t the main selling point of this New York mansion. No, that would be the indoor waterfall!

22 foot high and 20 foot wide, the cascading waterfall complete with pond and sculpture garden, this is one luxury home accessory that we love!

Real estate company Wemit LLC are responsible for this stunning water feature and also the sale of the property. Located at the upper side of the 4 East 80th Street and spanning 13,000 square feet, this is sure to attract the attention of blingers everywhere.

My only slight worry about having an interior waterfall is it may inspire a few more trips to the smallest room!

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