The Solajet Drywave Massage System

The Solajet combines massage, heat and relaxation to help soothe aches and pains or to simply help you unwind after a long exhausting day. It is a natural, non-invasive treatment and can also help with tension and stress.

If like me you`re thinking it sounds a little bit too much hassle to worry about at the end of the day then don`t worry too much. To make matters easier you can remain fully clothed and comfortably dry while the Drywave Spa uses heat and water to deliver an intense, full-body massage.


Simon Adlington, of Cyrano, says: `We`ve spent a long time researching what products are out there which can truly create a spa-like experience in the home. Solajet is a proven and exceptional product with so many benefits on a holistic level.`

Looking kind of like a daybed, the Solajet allows you to customise and control your treatment using a simple, easy to use remote control so you know you`ll enjoy the experience to the max. Temperature, speed and intensity can all be adjusted to your preference which sometimes you don`t get a say in when getting a massage at a Spa.

Although the Drywave Massage System is easy to install and doesn`t require any plumbing you`ll still have to find a place to put the unit. It`s not massively huge, but not that small either and the purchase price of a bed costs around the hefty £7000 mark. A reasonable price for years of relaxation? Well that depends on your budget really

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