British Diamond Specialists Launch New Sustainable Lab-Grown Diamond Collection

An exciting new sustainable launch from The Diamond Store, The Elara Collection, with Lucy Watson as its appointed ambassador, shines a light on the beauty of coloured lab grown diamonds, and places them in reach of us all.

A London-based, British brand, it harnessed its specialist experience in craftsmanship, and in 2006, The Diamond Store was launched as an online store offering ethically-mined, and more recently, sustainable lab grown diamonds, direct to consumers. 

The Diamond Store’s latest innovation, The Elara Collection (coloured lab grown diamonds), follows in the footsteps of its already immensely popular white lab grown diamond pieces.

Rare and beautiful, coloured diamonds are not something usually found at high street jewellers. First discovered in sixth century India, coloured diamonds have been worn by rulers, royalty and high profile people for centuries. From Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II who was one of the biggest collectors of coloured diamonds, to Elizabeth Taylor, who wore champagne and cognac diamonds, their appeal is unrivalled thanks to their rarity and intensity.

The Diamond Store’s heritage stretches back to 1956, when this family business first began making fine jewellery in Hatton Garden.

The name Elara was chosen for this collection as it honours a new moon that orbits Jupiter. A recent discovery, much like lab grown diamonds themselves, it represents happiness and light, and is named after Elara, who in Greek mythology was the lover of Zeus, God of the sky. A love affair rooted deep in the earth – where their son Tityos was born – this captivating name and its romantic connotations couldn’t be more apt for a diamond collection that celebrates what the earth creates while also protecting it.

Now, thanks to lab grown technology, coloured lab grown diamonds are an affordable luxury. The Elara collection has diamonds in three bright, light, happy and meaningful colours; pink, blue and yellow. Pink representing love, blue representing faith and trust, and yellow representing happiness and optimism.

Explore the new Elara range here.

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