PaMu Slide Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Dubbed ‘the AirPods killer’, PaMu Slide earbuds reflect one of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns for headphones. According to their website, they’ve crowdsourced an impressive $4m+ to date across 80,000 backers.

We recently managed to get our hands on a pair of these little beauties to review for you.

The first thing that stands out is the packaging. Quality design, printing and boxing all points to a premium quality product. Minimalist graphics showcase the technology inside, creating high expectations of something, well, rather special indeed.

Once inside, you get a sense of the technology and its build quality. A charging box, that looks like a Bluetooth speaker acts as the housing to charge the buds. If we’re being super critical, we’d have liked to have seen a plastic free inner to the packaging.

Ease of use

These buds couldn’t be easier to use. The arrive almost fully charged and ready to go. They are super simple to connect to your device through Bluetooth. A series of lights tell you if connected. Just pop them in the right ear and you’re off!


Unlike other buds, there are just one size of rubber comforters, which is really all you need. They do seem to fit all sizes and shapes of ear (as tested here in the office). They sit really comfortably without movement. To be honest, I’d run with these without worrying they were going to fall out!


PaMu claims to contain the most advanced sound chip on the market in their buds, making for the best possible sound quality. We’re traditionally Beats buds fans and have been for some years due to their fantastic quality of sound, and bass in particular.

Pop these in your ear and you are immediately hit with the unique balance of sound depth created by a perfect blend of bass and treble. No Beats bud has been able to sound this crisp in my experience!

They also cut out so much exterior noise allowing you to embrace every beat without distraction.


We’ve not had time to wear the battery down and charge again, so can’t comment on that, but can say that PaMu claim an increase in playtime x3 and a decrease in power consumption x2.


Worth mentioning is the fact that these buds are water resistant and are touch controlled, allowing you to move to the next track, pause… or even ask Siri something!


Honestly, these are far superior to both my Beats and AirPods, especially when you consider the 70% discount on offer right now on crowd funding site Indiegogo. Prices start from $49 and as an early funder, there are many valuable rewards on offer for free too!

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