BMW Choice Of The Stars At The Berlin Film Festival

Behind the big screen names at the Berlin Film Festival are big brands. BMW is perfect for the Berlinale as it offers the chic and sleek high end shuttles which get the A list from A to B. Bavaria’s motoring pride and joy provides a glamorous stylish mode of transport for the Happy Few at the festival.

Film talent has a real sense of being honoured when they are being transported from around Berlin’s multiple festival sites in the very best of German auto engineering.

This high-end yet discreet luxury is an added bonus for festival guests who are made to feel just that bit more special as they crisscross the German capital in a BMW. A premier vehicle: for moving around Germany’s premier film festival.

The Berlinale is the movie window on the world for Germany. The event is headquartered in the Potsdammer Platz, which is a short way from the Brandenberg Gate, the symbolic heart of a city and country so recently reunited.


Aside from providing a fleet of cars for the festival, BMW also operates a chic cafe in the Festival HQ at the Hyatt hotel. This is the nerve centre for the organisation and the BMW lounge takes on a very strategic role as the staging post for the stars as they make their way to press conference hall via the photo call.

Here Lussorian caught up with Festival Director Dieter Kosslick who was using the space to host a meeting with visiting film talent. He broke away from his rendezvous to pose for a picture in front of a proud example of the BMW range.


The motor giant has had a long association, and remains central to the organisation, of what is the leading movie showcase of German cinema.

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