Luxury ice cubes (!!!!) , a new level of luxurious Coolness

If you like your premium spirits on the rocks, but hate the watered-down effect produced by ordinary ice cubes, you may want to try the latest in luxury ice cubes.

Glǟ¶Ïce Luxury Ice


Founded by innovative entrepreneur Roberto Sequeira, a Davis, California based company called Glǟ¶Ïce Luxury Ice offers what can be, at $32.50 (£18.94) for a bag of 50 cubes, safely described as the most expensive ice cubes in the world.

Regular Ice Cubes

‘Normal’ ice cubes, whether purchased or home-made, are made from tap water. This means they carry all the pollutants typically present therein, which means they may contain up to 150 impurities. Potentially unhealthy, these cubes typically have a comparatively poor taste.

Glǟ¶Ïce Luxury Ice Cubes

In contrast, this company’s ice cubes/ spheres are carved from blocks of specifically engineered, purified ice. This means they are free of impurities and completely free of taste, which in turn means that they will not ‘spoil’ the taste of premium spirits, etc.

The Cubes

The company offers two types of cubes:

Mariko Spheres – These spheres, said to be ‘meticulously crafted’, come in re-sealable pouches (5 pieces per pouch) with one-way air valves to ensure freshness. Their average dilution rate is 15 to 30 minutes.

G-Cubed – Each individually carved piece of these cubes is individually wrapped and again sealed in a re-sealable pouch with air valve. The dilution rate for these cubes is 15 to 40 minutes.

Both are said to significantly enhance the enjoyment of your favourite premium drink – if you are prepared to pay the price.

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