Cau Restaurant, Guildford – Review

Cau is a new Argentinean Steak Restaurant in Guildford, my home town in fact. Being a lover of steak and the group`s sister chain of restaurants, Gaucho, nothing was going to stop me coming and checking this place out.


If you`ve ever been to a Gaucho, you`ll appreciate that steak arguably doesn`t get any better than this – it`s an Argentinean thing, they just have the monopoly on the world`s best steak. In addition to the best steak, Gaucho restaurants are typically very stylish, dark lit, spangly silver meets rawhide types of places. Cau is a new concept in restaurants, with iconic design being at the forefront – in fact, Cau is like Gaucho`s super creative brother. The interior is bright and breezy, almost a little fast food for my liking but none the less, very easy to relax in. There`s giant pictures of grass on the ceiling and walls – the concept here obviously being an organic type feel relating the beef that ends up on a dish in front of you – it works I feel, well.

So onto the food… if you`re a vegetarian this probably sounds like your worst nightmare but you`ll be pleased to know that the menu has a fantastic range of options for all taste palettes. As a couple of hungry, meat loving Neanderthal type men, we felt right at home here. As you`d expect, we kicked off with a very meaty dish, the Yerba-Smoked Beef, which was a deliciously rare cut of beef done in very thin slices so it melted in your mouth. Off to a GREAT start!

Next course was also meaty, my colleague opted for the sirloin and me the Tira De Ancho, and amazing spiral cut of rib eye and something similar to Gaucho`s offering. Absolutely no complaints here, delicious all the way and certainly reasonably priced in my view (based on quality, taste and size).

We did sneak a dessert in also (naughty I know), we had the Dulce De Leche Pancakes and the Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Ice Cream. Both were tasty but I think the Fondant topped it.

Check out the menu here.

If you are a connoisseur of steak, are looking for the best burger in town or perhaps just want a hearty sandwich then Guildford Cau should certainly be on your radar!

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