Love music? Love these ULTRASONE Edition 9 Limited Edition S-Logic Natural Surround Sound Headphones

With a price tag of 1,499 Euros these are certainly the world`s most expensive headphones going. These puppies contain the most sophisticated sound system and are built with the most exclusive materials.


They make everything sound incredible and as if you are in a room with music coming from every angle using a three-dimensional sound technology similar to a live concert.

Check out this website dedicated to them.


They also claim to reduce ear damage by up to 40% and radiation!? By 98%.

The specifically created box allows you to store your Edition9 safely and convenient even for transportation. The earcups are black chrome-plated and the insignia on the earcups is made of chrome-plated brass, crafted in Bavaria. Earpads and head pad are made of soft genuine Ethiopian hair sheep leather in dark grey. This is the finest leather available with convincing attributes. This leather is so soft and smooth that you barely feel the headphones on your ears and it provides an excellent isolation.

Specs for Edition 9:

Closed-back headphones
Black Chrome plated ear cups
PROline standard ULE by Mu Metal shielding
Dynamic principle
Frequency range 8Hz-35.000 Hz
40 mm Titanium-Mylar drivers
Impedance 30 ohm
SPL 96 dB
Nominal Headband pressure 5,2 N
Weight without cord 310 g
Cable 3 meter
6,3 mm gold plated plug
3,5mm adaptor
Ear pads and Headband pad made from Ethiopian hair sheep
Nameplates chrome plated brass
Handmade in Germany

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