Best hangover cure in London? Head to Raoul`s!

Christmas parties mean over indulging, late nights and festive drinking. December brings the celebrations but inevitably the hangovers.

Raoul`s restaurants and delicatessens across London – including Maida Vale, Notting Hill and Hammersmith – may have the answer, offering a Hangover Menu throughout December, to get you through the day and cure that festive headache.


Offering the `best eggs in town` as well as remarkable Bloody Mary`s and hangover smoothies, Raoul`s really do have the best hangover cure in London!

You might think hangover brunch cures are urban myths, however, here are some scientific facts;

Eggs – contain large amounts of cysteine, which breaks down acetaldehyde, one of the culprits behind a hangover

Bacon – is full of protein, which breaks down into amino acids, (a chemical compound which is known to cure headaches) which tops up your depleted neurotransmitters due to alcohol, resulting in a clear head

Bread – high in carbohydrates, which restores blood sugar levels and settles the stomach

Tomato Juice – is rich in Vitamin C and nutrients, which restores the body`s minerals, quickly aiding the recovery process as it detoxes the body

Banana/Kiwi – are full of potassium, which are depleted due to the diuretic effects of alcohol

Honey – the fructose helps your body metabolise the alcohol, relieving symptoms

Tabasco/chillies – contain capsaicin, which cuts off the neurotransmitters that trigger headaches

Avocado – is a cleasing food that contains many antioxidents which cleans up the bloodstream and cell tissue, removing the toxic effects of alcohol

Raoul`s has put together a menu which incorporates all of the elements best proven to cure a hangover, for example, Avocado & Smoked Salmon served on Rye Bread.

Raoul`s signature hangover smoothie will be the Raoul`s Revelry Remedy – banana, apple, kiwi, coconut water, yoghurt, honey and oats. Drops of Milk Thistle can be added as an extra, to soothe the liver. Raoul`s signature Akvinta Mediterranean Bloody Mary will be served with boiled quails eggs and celery salt making the ultimate accompaniment to brunch.

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