What does Kate Middleton`s engagement ring look like?

The upcoming Royal wedding is something we should all look forward to…probably what this country needs right now!

But the question on everyone’s mind is “What does Kate Middleton`s engagement ring look like ?”

We can exclusively reveal that the spectacular piece below looks nothing like it!


Till Death Do Us Part by Kate Bauman. This is one of many truly stunning rings available at fresh new online Jewelry Boutique – My Flash Trash. Made using Sterling Silver with Cubic zirconia, also open to custom orders with diamonds, gold, etc. £170


(Without causing any offense to the Royal family, The actual engagement ring given to Ms Middleton was Princess Diana`s engagement ring. This is an 18kt white gold sapphire and diamond ring from garrards 1981 Christmas catalogue)

But, Not every girl is lucky enough to marry a Prince, so let`s talk My Flash Trash again.

This exciting site provides a platform for up and coming and established jewellery designers. This is a one stop shop for unique and beautiful designs.


The Diadem ring by Alexander Davis which My Flash Trash have an exclusive on until next year. This was a winner of the Design Innovation Awards in 2010, Platinum Diadem ring set with Tanzanite & Diamonds. £15,000


The ‘growing jewellery’ from Hafsteinn Juliusson is another example of stepping away from the norm, very unique. Yes, that moss does actually grow! £130.


Dendritic Diamond Lattice Ring by Alexander Davis, another piece by New Jewellery Designer of the Year 2010. A bespoke piece based on molecular structures – crafted from 18ct White Gold, set with a stunning array of diamonds (0.9cts) – an opulent adornment for a Lady of understated beauty. £2,795.00

myflashtrash.com – flash yes, trash? Certainly not.

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