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Just how important a luxury item is a handbag?

Clearly only a man would ever raise this question. To the fairer sex, there is sometimes nothing more important than the bag….after shoes, of course.


Analeena is a luxury label, with bags of style and stylish bags. With the range retailing between £1500 and £12,000 and adored by showbiz VIPs and high end fashionistas everywhere.

Lina H is the designer responsible for these luxe must haves. The bags are available in the world`s most exclusive department stores.

With the designs being so distinctive and unique, Lina H is fast becoming to handbags what Jimmy Choo is to shoes.


Using the finest of Italian craftsmanship, Lina H`s designs offer nothing less than total luxury and superior elegance.

The Analeena range is made more exciting by the use of materials – The combination of lizard handles and crocodile skin bags in the Analeena Signature Collection create a durable yet beautiful partnership.

Analeena is not just about luxury handbags. To compliment these must have design pieces, the collection includes wallets, blackberry cases, laptop cases and belts.

Analeena is like a beautiful piece of jewellery. Each one is individual, vibrant, elegant and tactile.

A luxury handbag range that is both practical and super stylish.

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