Making (and using) history – The World`s Most Expensive Yacht

Goldmeister Stuart Hughes, best known for his pimped up phones and iPads has completed his most mammoth (sorry) task ever!


The world`s most unique yacht `History Supreme` has Stuart Hughes written all over it. A circa of 100,000 kilograms of solid gold and platinum were used to create the World`s Most Expensive Yacht.

This project was commissioned from an anonymous leading Malaysian business man.

The yacht has taken three years to create, it has been worth the wait.

All features including the deck , dining area , rails and anchor have been made from precious metals.Even the base of the vessel was wrapped in gold , a thin layer was formed to embrace this huge section.


The main sleeping quarter has been adorned with platinum accents and stunningly, a wall feature made from meteoric stone , with genuine Dinosaur bone shaved into it from a T – REX.

A cost of £3 billion , the most exclusive yacht was born !

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