The World`s Best Fridge

Sub-Zero have to be in the running for the World`s best fridge title, either the classic double built in models or the newer Pro 48 fit the bill.

We are talking high performance utilising pioneering technology, developed for NASA no less.


We are also talking superior aesthetics. The built in models blend into a kitchen, and compliment the overall look with a seamless design continuity.

The built-in series is available in overlay and Sub-Zero`s classic stainless steel configurations.

A vast capacity of 802 litres which has been fully utilised with intelligent storage solutions is available in the largest built in model.

As the innovators of food preservation, Sub-Zero has adopted a system that purifies the air inside the refrigerator; a process that was developed initially for NASA to aid food preservation.

Sub-Zero`s Built-In line is priced from £6,014.50 including VAT.

The PRO 48 is new on the scene. It is the largest residential refrigerator freezer on the market with an impressive total capacity of 844 litres.


Combining the ultimate in performance and design and made from 100% Stainless steel inside and out, it`s a good looking number that simply out performs other fridge freezers.

With its dual compression and triple evaporation system which controls humidity levels, the PRO 48 is proven to keep foods fresher for longer. Unique to Sub Zero, the fridge and freezer are run by separate compressors allowing the humidity and temperature control to be precisely regulated preventing odour transfer between the fridge and freezer compartments and allowing food to stay fresher for longer.

Featuring an upfront touch control panel and exterior temperature display the PRO 48 is accurate to within 1 degree of preset temperatures.

The PRO 48 offers shelved and drawer, freezer and fridge compartments. The fridge drawers operate at a different temperature to the shelved fridge compartment above exclusively offering three different temperature controls in one refrigerator including the freezer.

The PRO 48 is also fully CE approved and is `A rated,` the highest energy efficient standard for residential use, using less energy than a 100 watt light bulb.

The Sub-Zero brand is synonymous with state-of-the art refrigeration and is the favoured brand of celebrities, renowned chefs and cookery connoisseurs such as Rod Stewart, Wayne Hemmingway, Sir Andrew Lloyd Webber, Sir Michael Caine, Antony Worrall Thompson, Michael Roux, Gary Rhodes and James Martin.

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