Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner from Vorkwerk

You may not see a window cleaning device as a luxury, but when the results are as good and consistent as they are with the Kobold VG100 Window Cleaner, cleaning your windows has never been so satisfying! This super smart device doesn’t come cheap, but it is most certainly worth every penny and we don’t think you will find a device that gives such good results.

Let’s get this straight, the device fast, efficient and impressive in the amount of area it covers, but it also leaves NO STREAKS. This happens through the VG100’s unique cleaning technology, which enables streak free cleaning in a single wipe.

The water is mixed with Vorwerk’s cleaning solution and this reaches the glass for a short period of time. The microfibre cloth then cleans the dirt and the suction from the machine removes the dirty water. Amazing!

In seconds you can clean window panes, Glass Table and Mirrors of up to 20 square metres with just 80 ml of water and the Kobold cleaning liquid. The Kobold VG100 is designed to use as little water and cleaning agent as possible.

The economic dispensing of the Kobold GC100 Glass Cleaning Concentrate means that it lasts for about 40 applications (at 5 ml per use). Plus, the included microfibre cloths (x2) have a feeling of true durability.

This device really will revolutionise how you clean glass in the home! Find out more on the Vorwerk website.

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