Amabiente candles and holders by Ancienne Ambiance

This July (2008) Ancienne Ambiance will be releasing their stunning Hadrian & Antinoos limited edition scented candles. Inspired by Hadrians Conflict & Empire (and the launch of the unprecedented British Museum exhibition), this set is both stylish, contemporary and makes for a perfect gift.


Here`s a quick history lesson: Hadrian`s empire ruled much of Europe, Northern Africa and the Middle East and, although a ruthless leader, he had a great passion for the arts, architecture and Greek culture. His relationship with much loved partner Antinoos is perhaps the most famous male union in ancient history. Antinoos accompanied him on his travels all around the empire and after he drowned in mysterious circumstances, Hadrian was so consumed with grief that he had Antinoos declared a God, founded the city of Antinoopolis close to where he died and erected many statues and busts of the deified youth.

When these contemporary candles burn they give off an air of aromatherapy and luxury. Similar to votive candles and holders, this set come individually wrapped in luxury boxes with purple ribbon (the ancient colour used by emperors and the senate) and includes a delicate Papyrus description insert (papyrus being the writing paper of the ancients).

These are available separately and priced at £35 inc. worldwide shipping. Available from 1st July-31st October 2008 here.

With fans including actor/presenter John Barrowman, celebrity jeweller Theo Fennell, actress Martine McCutcheon and the Saudi Royal family these candles are clearly a desirable gift.

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