A high flying golf gadget with a difference.

Check this out, a golf ball launcher invented for those unable to swing a golf cub to continue playing golf.

A gas canister attaches to the launcher and can fire a golf ball up to 300ft, and straight. Sounds like great fun, and put in the wrong hands could create some very mischievous fun!


Inspired by a gentleman who`s dad could no longer play his favorite round of golf due to a stroke, this invention is set to take the world of golf by storm. Infact I see it becoming a new craze for the able bodied!

The company, based in the USA and called Air Force Golf (we love Americans) are looking for licensees all around the world for this product, and currently have 525 to sell to the general public.

But beware, most golf courses may raise an eyebrow, but the ones with a heart should show willing. Note to all golf courses – you`ll have no more divots from miss swings (I`m very guilty by the way).

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