Switch it up with the 4-in-1 Ohyo Bag

The Ohyo bag was designed in order to make your day easier and more efficient by practically giving you four bags in one. It can convert into a messenger bag, a grocery bag, a backpack and a tablet bag. The inventor behind Ohyo is Guy Jeremiah, who originally came up with the idea of collapsible water bottles after seeing the environmental damage caused by bottled water worldwide – and the Ohyo Bag follows a similar principle. Carrying it around with you, you’re much less likely to use any 5p plastic bags as everything you want to carry should already fit nicely into the Ohyo Bag.

Ohyo Bag

By following a range of video tutorials provided by Ohyo, we had our bag converted into all of the possible forms very quickly. It’s a straightforward process which involves folding or unfolding the bag and then repositioning the clips to different locations. The design of the bag is so intricate and thoughtful that no matter which form you put it in, it still looks natural and functional. There is one large sack at the back for larger items, a big pocket in the middle for most of your items, two secure pockets at the front for keys and smaller items, and a branded leather badge at the front for card storage.

The Ohyo bag isn’t all about practicality either, as they teamed up with Felix Conran in order to produce an incredibly stylish bag. I personally tried out the navy blue bag, which seems perfect for urban use as the sleek design fits perfectly with most outfits. The one initial concern I had was that it would look bulky once filled up, but it turns out that the flat profile is very easy to maintain. The only time it felt bulky was when I was carrying a very large item, at which point I simply had to convert it into a large backpack and the issue was resolved. The Ohyo Bag is produced in the UK, and the material used to make it is durable and seems like it will last for years to come.

Ohyo Bag

For the majority of our testing we were using a lot of gadgets and computing equipment, as I imagine these are what the vast majority of people will be carrying around. We used it in messenger bag mode with a small ultrabook and then a bulky gaming laptop, neither of which had any problems. Converting it to a tablet bag was perfect for carrying an iPad and chargers around, and lastly changing it into a large backpack made our grocery shopping a breeze. Being 6”4, finding a bag which hangs at the right level for me is difficult – thankfully the adjustable straps on the Ohyo Bag made finding the right length effortless.

If you’re thinking of a last minute present to buy someone for Christmas, or even a little gift for yourself, then the Ohyo Bag should be one to consider. By combining fashion, practicality and environmentally friendly ideals, Ohyo have managed to create a bag which can see you through your day to day life with ease. The Ohyo Bag retails at £79 and you can find out more information about it on the Kickstarter page, and purchase one over at the Ohyo website or Amazon UK.

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