Sly Dog Spiced Rum review

Sly Dog is a new blend of Caribbean rums (Jamaican & Dominican), which is aged for 3 years, with a few secret, 100% natural tropical spices thrown in for good measure. The result… this delicious liquid has some serious bite!

Founded by brothers Bruce and Louis Goddard-Watts who are both on a mission to alter the perception of spiced rum, which you will totally get down with once you’ve sampled for yourself. With their super slick, beautifully designed branding, the boys are doing a marvellous job in shifting perceptions away from rum being solely for pirates! I’d say this was aimed at a 20 something audience, with the secrecy around its formulation likely to be a strong talking point.

This stuff is smooth and tasty. I mean, rally tasty. I’m getting ginger (and a little warmth from it), sweet caramel, a hint of marzipan, apple crumble… there are a lot of complex flavours on offer, meaning that it’s delicious on the rocks, or teamed with you favourite cocktail – maybe a Mai-Tai, Screwdriver or Majito.

But also, amazingly delicious as a long drink with ginger ale – WOOOOOOF WOOOOOOF!

In our eyes, this is well worth the £32 it retails for on the official Sly Dog website.

Keep up the good work boys, looking forward to seeing what comes next.

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