Yoga with Qatar Airways

I’m not sure if in flight yoga is what I would call luxury!

Qatar Airways think otherwise, with the introduction of a new, on board yoga guide. The aim is too keep passengers loose and fresh during flight.


Qatar Airways say:

“Qatar Airways presents a simple and effective range of relaxation techniques, which have been specially created by Deepak Chopra for the airline`s passengers. Deepak Chopra`s holistic approach fuses modern medical knowledge with the ancient science of Ayurveda and the art of yoga. It provides passengers with easy exercise routines, enabling them to feel more balanced and relaxed during long flights.

Gentle stretches to encourage blood circulation, with soothing self-massages of the neck, arms and hands, as well as step-by-step yoga postures to relieve tension can all be done from the comfort of their seat even with the seat belt fastened. The guide, printed in English and Arabic, allows passengers to easily navigate their way through a variety of techniques with clear illustrations of the exercises.”

From the perspective of trying to beat DVT on long haul flights, this might well be an idea that catches on.

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