Carlsberg`s Jacobsen Vintage No.1 – Probably the most expensive beer in the world!

This weekend I was lucky enough to make it to the pub – A nationwide chain known for offering cheap beer and fine guest ales. I chose one delightful guest ale and I had to ask the barman to repeat himself when he said `£1.45 please`.

This is by far the cheapest pint I have had in ages and it got me thinking. If this was the cheapest available, what`s the most expensive?

My title is wrong, but I couldn`t resist the nod to Carlsberg`s advertising slogan. Carlsberg are very good at brewing ale , that`s a fact. The Jacobsen Vintage No.1 is definitely the most expensive beer in the world.

A 375ml bottle will set you back £220. I really enjoyed my £1.45 pint, so I wanted to know what you get for the extra £218.55….


The excellent beer is backed up by original hand stilled lithographic print labels by Danish artist Frans Kannik

First up, Vintage No.1 is very exclusive. You can only get this from three fine Danish restaurants or from the Carlsberg Visitors centre in Valby. This means that you have to visit Denmark in order to purchase a bottle, that’s bumping up travel expenses but I think it might well be worth it!

Now, What about the Beer itself? The Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 is an oak aged barley wine with an ABV on 10.5%…now we`re talking!

The beer is matured for six month in new Swedish barrels (Thorlundskagge – oak from Hjo) and new French barrels (Cote dór barrels – oak from Alsace). This is turning out to be the best European beer.

The beer has flavours of vanilla, smoke, caramel, prunes and port from maturing on Swedish or French Cote dór oak casks. The beer originating from the Swedish oak has a more dominant caramel aroma. With only the best ingredients beer like this can be produced.

Ok, sounds good. For £220, is there anything else that may entice? The actual look of this exclusive beer bottle is excellent. Aesthetics draw back to Danish mythology.

Each bottle of Jacobsen Vintage No. 1 is labelled with an original hand stilled lithographic print made by the Danish artist Frans Kannik. The prints depict fables of Sif. Sif was married to the Nordic god Thor, who was often used by Carl Jacobsen, the son of J.C. Jacobsen, as a symbol of strength.

Below are some of the wise and intriguing words of head brewer, Jens Eiken:

`Vintage No.1 has, as the only contemporary beer, been matured in J.C. Jacobsen’s original crypt-like cellar from 1847, for six months in new Swedish and new French oak barrels. “The project started as a wild idea and a wish to create a new type of beer that had never been seen before. During the ageing process in new barrels, lots of chemical processes take place. Not all reactions are known but they taste wonderful`

This is so good. Elements of this brewing process are not really understood. The only understanding needed here is that the process continues to deliver fine beer, regardless of the chemical processes involved. Typically uncomplicated Danish – I love it!

More from Jens….

Of course the price attracts attention. We really wanted to challenge the beliefs of what beer can be and we’ve definitely succeeded. Vintage No. 1 is a perfect example of our true passion for beer and high quality standards.”

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