Melitta®’s Limited-Edition Bean to Cup Purista Coffee Machine Range

The Purista is a fully automatic bean-to-cup coffee machine that would make an ideal addition to even the smallest of kitchens. At only 20cm wide, the Purista delivers a very decent coffee at a very reasonable price of £400 (often less online).

The Purista has an extensive list of features, which we’ve covered below, however it is worth noting that there is no built in frother, meaning there’s no cappuccino or latte here unless you spend an additional £50ish and purchase a stand-alone frother. A tasty espresso or Café Crème is definitely, firmly on the menu however.

The Purista is really simple to operate and you’ll likely get to grips with it after your 2nd coffee. But if you like doing things by the instruction book, as they say, The Melitta Companion app is worth downloading as it makes setting up and maintaining really easy – there is also extensive troubleshooting guidance should you need it too.


The intuitive aspect to the Purista is the automatic rinsing through function, which will keep the machine clean. As soon as you switch the machine on, water clears through, and once finished pouring, it rinses once again. For deeper cleans, dependent upon amount of use, the Purista will prompt you to descale or clean the machine with a rinse aid (purchased separately) – this action is super simple with clear instructions.

When the drip tray and the coffee grounds container are full, the drip tray display lights up and requests you to empty the container. This appears after preparing about eight cups of coffee.

Coffee Your Way!

The Purista has a Favourite Coffee function, which allows you to brew coffee at your preferred amount and strength, which you can also store in its memory. This is a super simple process and well worth doing if you don’t want to faff around first thing in the morning.

You’ve also a Double Cup mode, which pours two identical drinks simultaneously, which saves heaps of time if you are making for your spouse too.

There are three strengths to select from, which adjusts the intensity of the coffee from mild to medium to strong. You also have the ability to adjust the amount of coffee too, making for a really personalised experience to taste.

Different sized cups? No problem, the Purista allows you to manually adjust the coffee outlet, so you can use long or short cups.

The Grind

With its whisper quiet grinder, this is exceptionally quiet for the task it undertakes. It’s also fast, meaning you can get back to bed quicker to enjoy your morning brew.


A new one on us, the freshly ground coffee is moistened with water before the actual brewing process, meaning the flavours dissolve better and end up in your cup rather than the bean emptier.

Green features

You’ve the ability to programme the energy-saving mode, meaning you can determine when your fully automatic coffee machine switches itself off automatically. Obviously, you can simply switch off at the plug also though too!


The Purista feels like a solid machine that will look after you, as long as you do as it asks, and look after it. And, should anything fail, remember that you have a 2 year warranty.


There’s two designs to choose from; a Jubilee Edition Series and a sleek black version also, both look fantastic, so the decision is which will look best in your space!

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