World Gin Day Guide 2017

World Gin Day is here and that means you may need some advice on the very best gins around. Plus, we have some tasty recipes to give you a refined and refreshing gin-tacular experience!

Fishers Gin (£37.50 from 31Dover)

Fishers Gin aims to take “once-forgotten English botanicals to create a premium British gin as pure and wild as the open sea.” Crafted in Suffolk on the east coast of England, this gin is sourced entirely from local East Anglian farmers.

The botanicals used are typically coastal, including the likes of Rock Samphire & Bog Myrtle, plus a few more! The freshness of this gin is wonderfully complimented by a warming juniper and hints of aromatic cardamom. For us, this is one of the most exciting new gins and one that tops our list for World Gin Day 2017.

Craft Gin Club

Although today is World Gin Day, what if you could celebrate a new gin all the time? Well, with the Craft Gin Club you can (well, monthly at least!). Craft Gin Club offers a premium, monthly gin subscription with all the bells and whistles!

Every month (should you choose the high end subscription), you will receive a hand picked, full-sized bottle of some exclusive, rare and small batch gins. Plus, you may also receive mini bottles of unique gins to try or even vermouth and other spirits to mix. The beauty of the monthly delivery is that you will unbox a world of gin surprises and it is pretty exhilarating!

But, that’s not all! You also receive a set of gourmet snacks and tonics. Plus, the set comes with a 28 page magazine with gin stories, details on the providence of your month’s gin and treats, cocktail recipes, tasting notes and competitions. For anyone into gins, this really, really is a treat and something to consider wholeheartedly.

See this month’s example below. This month you can also get £10 off your first box using the code SUMMER10. Find out more here.

Tanqueray London Gin

Back in the 1830s, Charles Tanqueray was not afraid to mix up brave ideas in his own unique style. He invented a gin which is still celebrated to this day. The perfect mix of ingenuity, heritage and hard work. One of the most brilliantly balanced and refreshing gins out there, we love it!


Suggested serve: Vegan Martini (MAKES 1 LITRE, SERVES 5, 2.2 UNITS PER SERVE)

  • 300ml Tanqueray Gin
  • 40ml Ginger juice
  • 12ml Salt Water
  • 120ml Agave
  • 80ml Lime
  • 80ml Lemon
  • 400ml Green juice

Caorunn Gin

Caorunn Caorunn Gin (pronounced “ka-roon”) is a premium, contemporary Scottish gin with depth in every drop. Age-old craftsmanship and provenance are mixed with modern edge and innovative thinking to produce a refreshingly different gin.

Caorunn is handcrafted by infusing five locally foraged botanicals including dandelion leaf, heather, Coul blush apple, bog myrtle and rowan berry with and six traditional gin botanicals and natural Scottish water. Fresh and floral on the nose, this gin is clean, sweet, full-bodied and aromatic with a long-lasting dry and crisp finish. Perfect tipple choice for dad! RRP £28 available at Asda and online

Cotswolds Dry Gin (£34.95 from here) 

This fantastic dry gin is comprised of nine nifty botanicals, all utilised carefully and with consideration. Against an earthy coriander, there are hints of grapefruit for a hint of freshness.

Plus, the gin even uses local Cotswolds lavender, a lovely touch. According to the brand, it contains 10 times the volume of botanicals than the average London dry gin.  Thre result is a memorable gin experience for any connoisseur or novice.

Bitter Union Cocktail Bitters (£12.95 from 31Dover.)

If you are looking to enhance your gin with bitters, then we would implore you to try these new offerings from Bitter Union Cocktail Bitters. Each bitter provides enchancement to the natural flavour of your gin and also an aromatic flourish to finish. The range comprises of three flavours and you will find some great recipes on their site. For us, these bitters offer enough oomph to give your gin that extra dimensions. Certainly worth a try!

More about the Bitter Union Lemon Hops & Herbs – Flavours of zingy lemon, hops for floral notes, a subtle hint of herbs and a bitter kick from the artemisia plant mean that this bitters works brilliantly when added to a G&T, or lighter drinks and cocktails such as champagne or a Gin Fizz. It can even be used to enhance hot drinks like a cup of green tea. Simple to use – just add 4-5 dashes!

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