Luxury Office Equipment

Forget generic lumbar supported chairs, wooden desks with those little holes in them to push wires through and non-working printers; your workspace deserves the very best office equipment. You spend most of your week at work, so shouldn`t you be making it as luxurious as your home? Have a look at these, and wonder if the expenses department will allow it.


Dyson cooling fan

Remember the first time you ever used a Dyson AirBlade hand drier? I think we all do. What an amazing moment in all of our lives that was. In go your hands, you pull them gently up and WHOOSSH!! Your hands are dry. Actually dry after using a hand drier! No more wiping them on your trousers. Well now you can get the very same technology in the form of a desk or pedestal fan. A fan with no blades! Only Dyson could think of that. And they`re dead quiet too, so your conference calls will no longer get hot and sweaty because you`ve had to turn all of the fans and air conditioning off. The pedestal one can be yours for £300.


Humanscale Freedom Chair

Human science, despite the amazing progress it has made over the centuries, still seems to have an issue with the back. I mean, who doesn`t have a bad back? I have one right now, just sitting here writing this. Luckily, here`s the $1,200 Humanscale Freedom Chair, with a graphite (hence strong) frame, and `a non-degradable, non-compressible Technogel layer on top of a foam core [which] provides maximum pressure distribution and offers unmatched, long-term comfort` to cure us of this problem. Sure a grand for a spinning office chair is quite a bit; but think of the savings in chiropractors fees!


Roccat Alumic Double-Sided Mousepad

Are you still using that tea-stained mouse mat that you picked up for free from that conference in London back in 2006? Then you need to get yourself a new mouse mat. And these ones a made out of aluminium. Yes! Aluminium! Metal mouse pads have been around for a little while in video game circles as the metal can be optimised to a certain amount of responsiveness. And this one has two different types of surfaces on each side. One for `high-sense users`, and one for `low-sense users`. Plus, y`know, it`s made out of aluminium!


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