Manuca Honeysuckers review

I have been suffering with a bit of a sniffle recently. My wife says it’s a very bad case of man flu…… jeeezz no sympathy these days……


Anyway, I tried these luxury Manuca Honeysuckers to relieve my icky throat and was pleasantly surprised. Billed as luxury cough sweets, these things are certainly flavoursome and did offer some assistance to my soar throat.

I did have one serious gripe. They are nigh on possible to extract from the packet without getting sticky goo all over your hands…

Jo Glass, founder of Green Bay Harvest, comments

`Our new Honeysucker flavours add even more nutritional value to Manuka honey`s unique healing powers.`

The lozenges contain 100% pure Manuka honey, apparently renowned for its remarkable antibacterial strength.

Available from Green Bay Harvest.

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