Vertu Cell Phone Demand Exceeding Supply

The Vertu has long be the luxury cell phone of choice for the wealthy. Now it seems that it’s popularity is reaching new heights. According to Chris Harris Vertu`s marketing director:

`At the moment we cannot meet demand. Sales are more than doubling this year. We hope that pace will continue also next year,`

Apparently Vertu`s new cell phone model will hit shops next month and is expected to massively boost sales.

Vertu financial details are not revealed but analysts expect Nokia to sell about 330 million phones this year at an average of around 100 euros ($129) apiece.

According to Harris Vertu sells `tens of thousands` of phones at prices upto and beyond 4,000 euros.

`We are not in the hundreds of thousands yet, but our aspirations are there,` he said.

(Via Jogarreview)

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