Marcus Levine Exhibits His Nail Art Designs

I struggle to hammer one nail into the wall successfully, so massive respect for Marcus Levine, The absolute master of nail sculpture.

You can view Marcus Levine`s work at The Air Gallery, Dover street, London this week until (and including) Saturday 11th. May I suggest that this is a must, this innovative sculptural art is beautiful and very well executed. This nail art designs gallery holds some very credible and inspiring pieces.


As a result of his first exhibition in March 2010, Levine has sold pieces to private collectors worldwide; works have gone to buyers in Hungary and Greece as well as in Beirut, Singapore and China. Having had much interest from art buyers and specialists in the USA, Levine is currently amidst plans to exhibit his unique sculptures in New York next year.

Marcus Levine studied at Jacob Kramer Art College alongside Damien Hirst. In fact, Hirst became an inspiration to Levine, with his industry firsts, including the Pickled Calf and Cow and Formaldehyde Shark. This attitude to art opened the door for Levine, and made him aware anything is possible…even producing stunning pieces with nails and a hammer…..

Since completing his first nail sculpture in the autumn of 2005, Levine believes he has perfected his technique, pushing the boundaries with each new work, and creating increasingly dynamic pieces.


His First sculpture took 4,000 nails and 3 months to finish. He has now perfected his technique and using as many as 50,000 nails for each piece, he is continuously created exciting, unique sculptures.

The use of nails as an artist`s material seems strange, but for Levine, it works so well. The interplay between the hard, sharp nails and the soft curves of the human body create an alluring juxtaposition.

This effect is then accentuated by using standard 20mm cabinet nails mixed with longer nails and even clout nails. The end result is a heightened third dimension, again complimented by the days own light cycle. The shadows at varying times of the day mean these are ever changing works of art.

Never before have nails been used to create such impressive images, Expert Nail Art Design.

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