Luxury Summer Home Fragrance & Beauty With A Sustainable Twist From ARRAN

Summer has landed, the mercury is pushing 30 degrees Celsius and you may be dreaming of ventures far afield, perhaps a beachside walk or just sitting by a pool. However, if your home is your castle and you are looking to bring in beautiful home fragrances that evoke a feeling of sea and Summer freshness, then ARRAN’s range offer a premium treat for the senses.

Hailing from the ARRAN Apothecary collection, their Seaweed & Sage Bath & Shower Gel will take you straight to the coastline. Natural sea salt and mineral-rich seaweed extract give you an instant burst of refreshing sea air, supplemented by essential oils of lemon, geranium and orange.

Arran Apothecary Seaweed and Sage Hand Wash : Arran Sense of Scotland: Beauty

Under hot water the fragrances and moisturing oils are released, allowing this must-try fragrance to dance and permeate the air. For any fans of high-end bath & shower products this is an absolute must-try and a superb alternative to other high-end brands out on the market. Fresh, invigorating and delicately balanced.

For something a little different, the Ultimate Fig Reed Diffuser offers your home the continuous presence of ARRAN’s masterful use of home fragrance.

Arran Sense of Scotland Ultimate Fig Reed Diffuser (200ml/6.76floz)  Blending Sweet Cassis, Fig and Green Leaf with a Wonderful Base of Woody  Cedar : Arran Sense of Scotland: Beauty

Formulated from only the highest quality ingredients and set within an elegant display bottle and presentation tin, this is another hit for us. A balance of fig and sweet cassis are married with warm base notes of woody cedar. The result is a subtly fruity, yet grown up and sophisticated long lasting fragrance. For optimum infusion and to vary fragrance intensity, carefully rotate reeds every two to three days.

At it’s core, ARRAN is a brand looking to work in tandem with the island of Arran itself, whilst preserving it’s natural beauty and ensuring that every step in production is sustainable.

For this reason, when it comes to creating each product, they’ve thought about how they can help users make more sustainable and environmentally friendly choices. One element we love –  they have launched a series of 2 litre refill bottles of some of their most popular ranges.

It’s superb to see a luxury, high-end brand offering a bulk option to purchase. In the modern age when shoppers are keen to minimise plastic waste and reduce their carbon footprint (usually through deliveries), the flexibility to purchase two litre refills really is welcomed.

In fact, Kevin Meechan (CEO of ARRAN), suggests that the “2 litre refill bottles reduce plastic consumption by 76%”. But that’s not all, price wise there is a big saving on refills too, giving you access to more of this high-quality product for less! It’s a no brainer. Having gotten our hands on a 2 litre refill ourselves, we estimate that it gives you approximately 6 refills of a typical bottle, it can be easily stored away in the bathroom cabinet and presents superb value.

ARRAN are also keen to champion solid soaps and remind users that they typically last longer than gels, they use less packaging and ARRAN make them from only natural products. Within their products they have also made it clear that plastic microbeads are a thing of the past, with only natural exfoliating ingredients used throughout their stunning range.

Arran Aromatics | ARRAN Sense of Scotland

All in all, if you are looking for a high-end series of cleansing beauty products which are kind to the environment, then you really need look no further. ARRAN deliver all of this with superb class and sophistication throughout what is a range that celebrates all the gorgeous ingredients nature has to offer.

Find out more about the refill range here. Or to explore their entire range, click here.

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