Top Lesser Known Summer Spirits 2019

Summer is upon us, and with it our Summer spirit roundup!

Below you’ll find our top lesser known spirits for 2019.

Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice Gin

As a long-standing fan of classical Hendrick’s, this limited edition, created from a secret botanical mixture in their Scottish distillery, excited us. Hendrick’s Midsummer Solstice boasts a uniquely elegant finish of floral flavours. This gin is still Hendricks, but with sweet berries and flowers on the palate. Ideal for a classic summery G&T.


Available from Master of Malt & Whisky Exchange

Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin

From the country of Summer and BBQ’s come Brookie’s Byron Slow Gin – the Aussie take on a classical British ‘sloe’ gin. Swapping out sloe berries with the native Davidson Plum, it’s a must try for gin aficionados. It contains 26 botanicals, 18 of which are native to the Byron Bay region. When drinking as a Slow Gin Spritz – the distinct flavours of plum, rose and a hint of melon are released.


45ml Brookie’s Bryon Slow Gin

45ml Sparkling wine

Top with soda

Method: Build in a wine glass over ice & stir



Available from Master of Malt & Whisky Exchange

Graham’s Blend No.5

If you’re looking for Summer’s next trend look no further than Graham’s Blend No.5 – a white port best served with top-end tonic. Possessing a lower ABV than a G&T – at 20% abv the delicate and refreshing P&T (port & tonic) is unique in taste but leaves you wanting more. Monaco in a glass, and a work of art on the shelf – the bottle is aesthetically pleasing, designed by Portuguese illustrator Antonio Soares, who has previously worked with Karl Lagerfeld! At the very least this looks amazing on the shelf!


Available in Harvey Nichols or with online retailers including Master of Malt and

Puerto de Indias Sevillian Strawberry Gin

“Do you have any pink gins?” a question heard by bartenders and hosts globally. This is THE pink gin of the summer! Puerto de Indias brings a Sevillian twist to the table with a decadent strawberry gin. Each sip feels like a singular strawberry has been freshly squeezed into your G&T before your eyes, we really don’t know how they’ve done it! Serve in a classic G&T for best results. Enjoy. Repeat.


Available from AmazonMaster of Malt and Whisky Exchange.

The Norfolk Quince Whisky Liqueur and The Norfolk Redcurrant Whisky Liqueur.

For those of us looking for an alternative to gin and tonic – The English Whisky Co have released a pair of Whisky Liqueurs that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. The Quince Whisky liqueur served over ice with a trickle of ginger beer and topped with mint is an alluring gift for the palate. The Redcurrant Whisky liqueur compliments more traditional English sparkling wines – for a proud taste of blighty in a glass! This could put Norfolk well and truly on the map!


Available from

Exmoor Distillery – Northmoor Gin

Close to my heart and hearth, Northmoor Gin is named after the steep wooded valleys to the south of Exmoor. This gin is full-bodied and juniper led, which results in an opulent long drink when mixed with tonic. The handpicked botanicals and berries really do shine through in comparison to classic gins and reward the drinker with a smoother finish.

We can see this being an essential spirit we keep going back to beyond Summer.


Available from Masters of Malt


Zymurgorium’s Rockstar ‘Flagingo Electric Blue’ Raspberry Gin Liqueur

Stop. This is the Gin Liqueur you’re looking for! The showstopper of the party – when this comes out, people will be intrigued. We couldn’t stop shaking the bottle just to see the psychedelic marble effect. Served neat or with lemonade, for another awe-inspiring feast for the eyes. The raspberry flavours are divine and leave you craving another sip. The aromas bring ‘child in a sweet shop’ nostalgia. This isn’t a drink, it’s a potion – and we can foresee this being a staple on rock band riders from here on out!


Available from

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