Part 2 Seven Dials Mini Series – Kopapa Review

The Seven Dials area ( a plethora of wonderful dining and drinking opportunities. One of the most exciting, and certainly the most delicious, is Peter Gordon`s contemporary fusion restaurant. Kopapa is situated on Monmouth Street and in the epicentre of Theatre-land, and it provides a stunning display of innovative cuisine to suit a vast array of tastes.


Kopapa is one of Covent Garden`s must-visit locations.

The atmosphere is buzzing, exciting and vibrant – you really feel like you are experiencing London at its best. The décor is relaxed, stylish and rustic, therefore, acting as a microcosmic representation of the Seven Dials area as a whole. On my visit, the staff were also perfect; they were attentive, without being over attentive.

As you can probably already tell, I was really impressed by Kopapa and I will definitely be returning in the future.

The Food

The menu is an eclectic mix of what I would call `proper` food – that is to say, it is honest, flavoursome and made of the freshest ingredients. I plumped for the wonderful Steak Sandwich with roast tomatoes, caramelised onions & horseradish cream on toasted ciabatta. It was a little taste of heaven and it certainly hit the spot.

There is also a dedicated brunch menu which caters for the late morning visitors. One of the dishes that looked particularly appealing, as it whizzed past me, was the Hot-smoked salmon on toasted sourdough with spinach, 2 poached eggs & yuzu hollandaise. This was a very elegant looking dish and it was certainly a popular choice, as many diners seemed to have one of these dishes sat before them and, I have to say, they devoured their plate instantly.


The homemade smoothies were also a wonderfully refreshing blend of fresh fruit and ingredients. In fact, my partner enjoyed the Berry and Banana smoothies so much, she had two!
We were so taken with the food at Kopapa that we decided to have desert – greedy, I know! Both dishes sampled were delightful; there was a fantastically refreshing Strawberry and juniper, and apricot sorbet, which came complete with a brandy snap basket. The sorbets were the perfect way to cleanse the palate after the meal and their flavour was intensely brilliant, I loved it. Secondly, the Lemon curd pavlova roulade with pistachio ice cream, was also scrumptious.

Kopapa offers express theatre set menus, and trust me, this would be a perfect place to stop before going to see one of the local shows.

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