Luxury Christmas Pampering & Beauty Gift Guide

Luxury pampering and beauty gifts are always a hit at Christmas time! Here is a guide to some of the best high-end skincare oils and creams, pampering gifts and beauty products you can find this Christmas.

Lilou et Loïc Christmas Range

Lilou et Loïc are an elegant British brand with Scandinavian influences and a contemporary style. Their products are refined, modern and of the highest quality. This Christmas, we would highly recommend their home fragrances and candles for a thoughtful and luxurious gift. 

Signature Scented Candle (£50)

This beautiful candle comes with a chic silver and white striped cylindrical present box. Without opening the box you are leant a sense of the brands elegant aesthetic and style which permeates throughout their other products. The single wick candle itself is a blend of Saffron & Ginger for a warming and opulent home scent. But that’s not all, there are also hints of cardamom for added spice, ideal for Winter, and warming sandalwood. The soothing scent of this particular candle really is superbly sophisticated.

Available in limited edition Saffron & Ginger for Christmas 2017, priced at £50, available from and House of Fraser.

Moroccan Wood and Fine Leather Room Diffuser (£45)

According to Lilou et Loïc, this sublime room diffusers is inspired by the beautiful interiors of a private members club in New York. The fragrance is a blend of silky woods with leathery notes of orris and labdanum. Distinguished and sweet-smelling all at once, the diffuser elevates any space and adds another dimension of luxury.

As with the candle, the visual impact of the packaging and the diffuser itself are all of the highest quality. The glass vase comes in the signature silver and white stripe box for another great gift from this wonderful brand.

Available from

Essentialle Botanical Skincare (from £62)

Essentialle has just launched in the UK and we are a big fan! This all-natural, high-end skincare range specialises in nourishing and hydrating products. Taking influence from Northern Russia, Karina Krishtaleva has created Essentialle for the modern, sophisticated and discerning woman. Drawing on medicinal herbs and plants native to the region, the range provides some superb aromatic oil with extracts you may not find so easily elsewhere. Although the product is influenced by the Russian ingredients, it’s created here in the UK.

The range is launching with a selection of three vegan oils; including Remedy Multi-Active Re-Balancing Face Oil (for oily and problematic skin, £62/50ml), Revival Nectar Nourising Face Oil (for dry skin, £70/50ml) and Elasticity Boost Toning Face Oil (for dehydrated or sagging skin £65/50ml).

The range has been superbly crafted and the results are superb. Take the Remedy Multi-Active Re-Balancing Face Oil – it offers a 100% natural solution, featuring Plantago leaf extract, Manuka & lavender oils, galbanum oil and many other key extracts. The combination of oils that are both exotic and some more well-known gives a superb platform for light moisturising. The result is that the skin is left fresh, smooth and healthy.

For us, if this oil range is anything to go by, Essentialle could be a new brand you should keep an eye out for. Find out more here.

Carol Joy London Pure Collagen Collection (£150)

For something with a real wow factor this Christmas, we would suggest the world’s first pure collagen spray and gift set from Carol Joy. Created by Carol Joy London, this collection is an amalgamation of the brand’s top products, including the Pure Collagen Spray (the first in the world) and Collagen Eye Masks. This is a delightful duo that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, thanks to a superbly styled gold-foiled box, it’s a visual hit too!

The Pure Collagen Spray is a world first, as it is the very first skincare and professional spa and salon brand to use triple-action pure native collagen technology to develop their comprehensive range of beauty products. The spray gives your body native collagen, which is used to strengthen and enhance connective tissues, give you healthier skin as a result. According to Carol Joy London, the skin’s natural collagen production declines by approximately 1% per year after the age of 30, so it’s important to top this up, in order to maintain freshness and radiance.

Carol Joy London’s products are proven to “increase radiance in dull skin by up to 24%” and to “reduce wrinkle depth by up to 25%”. All of this with a light spray three times daily.

The Pure Collagen Eye Masks offer the same benefits as the spray, but they are designed to be applied for 15 minutes. Once again, the aim here is to strengthen and reinforce the skin, making wrinkles and fine lines reduce over time.

Available at

Lovegrove Essentials Moisture Cream (£49, 100ml)

Lovegrove have a compelling range of handcrafted products and an exceptional, organic homegrown story. If you are looking for products with a lot of heart and finesse, then Lovegrove Essentials have the whole package. The Lovegrove Essentials brand was created by mother and daughter team Hannah Lovegrove and Hayley de Beers in the heart of Dorset. Their aim? To combine natural ingredients with the therapeutic properties of essential oils. We think they have created something super charming, warm and impressive.

The Lovegrove Essentials Moisture Cream is a light moisturiser, yet it has been crafted to pack a natural punch. The essential oils of rose and neroli (among others), give a skin-boosting and plumping effect. Plus, the smell is absolutely gorgeous and calming all at once.

A Handmade in the heart of Dorset, Lovegrove Essentials is an exceptional skincare range, created with carefully selected adaptogenic ingredients.  Officially launching both a Retail and Professional range, Lovegrove Essentials has been created by mother and daughter team Hannah Lovegrove and Hayley de Beers.  With their wealth of experience in the beauty and wellbeing sector, Hannah and Hayley identified a gap in the market for a top of the line skincare range formulated with natural ingredients, combined with the therapeutic properties of essential oils.  The cream also contains nourishing oils of sunflower, coconut, jojoba, sweet almond and vitamin E.

According to Lovegrove Essentials we can also expect restorative qualities too, especially on dry skin! To find out more about this superb cream, please visit their website.

StylePro Makeup Brush Cleaner and Dryer (£49.99)

One of the biggest gripes any makeup lover has is cleaning brushes. It can be messy, ineffective and sometimes it can cause your brushes some serious damage. Plus, professionals recommend you clean brushes every week to make sure they are germ free.

Thankfully, StylPro (a new concept from inventor and entrepreneur Tom Pellereau, offers a stunningly simple and easy to use solution to cleaning brushes. With this device you will be able to keep those expensive brushes in shape.

StylPro makeup brush cleaner cleans and dries all makeup brush types in seconds. To use, simply attach the silicon holder provided (the set comes with many sizes) to your brush, connect the StylPro device and pop the brush in either soapy water (for powder) or the provided cleanser solution (for foundation). The device will then spin and all of the dirt and grime will leave your brush in around 10 seconds. Check it out here:


Highly recommended from us! It really, really works!

Harley Street TRY ME KITs – 24 / 7 Daily Maintenance system (£45)

Heralding from 48 Harley Street (as you may have guessed), the Harley Street Clinic have gathered together some of their fantastic anti-ageing products just in time for Christmas. They are non-invasive for the face and body, making them perfect gifts.

The essential 24 / 7 Daily Maintenance system is a unisex offering that aims to help each layer of your skin through 4 different products, in order to fully hydrate the face and stop the first signs of ageing.  that fights the first signs of ageing by targeting each and every layer of the skin to thoroughly hydrate the whole face. The set includes a daily cleanser, firming serum, any time moisture surge and a regenerating body moisturiser.

The grey kit retails for £45.00 and comprises a daily cleanser, firming serum, any time moisture surge and regenerating body moisture. In addition to this set, there is a range of product combinations designed to treat every possible requirement.

The one thing that may let this set down is the bag in which it comes in – it feels a little low end compared to the quality of the products within. Find out more here Harley Street Skin Clinic.

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